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Disabling Ads in Your uTorrent Client

uTorrent is without doubt the most widely used torrent client in the world and there are a number of reasons why users prefer the tool. It is light, simple, easy to use, efficient and has all the features users need. The 3.2.2 version of this tool was released in the second week of the month of November and one of the highlights of this release is the ads feature integrated in the client. When you open the client, you see an advertisement window that keeps flashing ads.

One of the reasons users like uTorrent is that there are no ads and other unnecessary pop ups like the other tools. When the initial release of the tool was out, there was no option provided to disable those ads. But after a few rounds of user feedback were collected, the developers have uTorrent have integrated an option that helps you in disabling the ads feature.

Disabling the Ads Feature

If you check the help file or other support resources from the uTorrent site, you will not find any help regarding how to disable the ads feature. But if you have downloaded the latest version of the tool and installed it, here’s how you can do it. Open the options menu and navigate to the preferences settings option. In the advanced preferences section, there is an entry that reads as follows: ‘sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled’. This is the setting that has enabled the ads to be displayed on your uTorrent client. Click on this option and set the value of it from true to false. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about ads appearing in your torrent client the next time you launch it.

You Knew Ads Would Appear in uTorrent Sooner or Later

First of all, let us not react as if we are very surprised that uTorrent has added an ad feature to its latest release. In fact, experts were surprised that uTorrent managed this long without generating revenue from the advertising. The industry is cut throat and you always need to be on the top of your game if you have to survive. To do that, you need revenue and capital, and the best way to generate it in today’s world, without requesting other investors to pitch in, is through advertising. With the number of users who make use of uTorrent to download worry free torrents, advertising is a potential gold mine for uTorrent.

Revenue to Be Used To Offer More Advanced Features in Subsequent Releases

Matt Mason from BitTorrent said that the revenue generated from this advertising venture is being used for further research and development that will result in better tools being released in the coming months. He also added that the company was very circumspect when accepting advertising offers and added they would accept those that would benefit the users. BitTorrent is always known as a company that puts the needs of the user above its own and that fact has been highlighted by the addition of this feature that removes the advertising bar. But the fact that there is a way to do it is not being officially publicized.

Bad for Business

Imagine that you are running a service that offers advertising services and with them, you offer a way for the users to unsubscribe also. That move is like signing your own death warrant in the advertising domain. Everyone knows that users don’t like ads and if there is a way out, they will take it. So, uTorrent is not publicizing the fact that there is a way to disable the ads in its official site or in its help file. But the fact that there is a disable option is a testament to the commitment towards user-friendliness that uTorrent has.

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