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Windows Defender Can Stop Almost All Common Malware Types

There is a certain apathy that consumers have towards software that is provided with the product as a freeware or as additional support. People tend to feel that only if they pay for the tools, the tools perform efficiently. This trend is especially certain in the case of security. Windows usually offers some support software as a part of their security package but users want software from online security pioneers only and they are willing to spend as much as it takes for that to happen. This trend is all set to change with the Windows Defender provided by Microsoft with their latest operating system, Windows 8.

The new software boasts of many advanced features but its best feature till date is the security it offers. BitDefender, another online security solutions provider, conducted some tests on Microsoft’s proprietary tool, the Windows Defender. According to the results of the test, the tool was found to be extremely capable. The results showed that Windows Defender can stop up to 85% of the currently known malware types. That is an impressive performance sheet for a tool that comes with the operating system.

Security Pros Give Windows 8 Their Nod of Approval

While Microsoft has been aggressively promoting its latest offering in the operating system domain, online security experts performed a thorough evaluation of Windows 8. The results were surprisingly in the favor of Microsoft team. The OS is one of the most widely used in the world and more than 80% of hackers build malicious tools for Windows. In spite of all that, Windows managed to gain the nod of approval from online security experts, Windows Defender being one of the reasons for that.

Windows is Still Vulnerable Even If Windows Defender is Highly Efficient

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by reading the aforementioned stats. Windows is still not 100% safe. You might argue that 85% is good enough, especially considering the current state of affairs but in online security, even a 1% chance of risk is enough for your computer to be targeted and attacked. This fact was highlighted by the BitDefender study that evaluated the performance of Windows Defender. Representatives from BitDefender went as far as saying that the 15% which Windows Defender could not stop was the class of malware which are extensively preferred by all the new generation of cyber criminals.

15% of Malware That Windows Defender Cannot Stop Is Preferred By Online Miscreants

While Windows Defender can stop almost all the different types of malware, it cannot stop the threats that matter. These are the malicious tools that miscreants use in today’s world to orchestrate an attack. BitDefender made use of 385 different tools to test exactly how capable Windows 8 was. Out of the 61 that still remained active on the computer in spite of Windows Defender being on, more than 55 malware types were the most common types that the modern day hacker employed.

Windows Defender Still Has Its Uses

While it might be true that Windows Defender has limited capabilities, it doesn’t mean that the tool is totally unworthy of being present on your computer. There should be a tool that should not take up a lot of processing speed and yet, safeguard your computer against all the older types of threats, even if they are not so widely employed these days. Just as stop cookies/tracking online option is essential in protecting online privacy, so is Windows Defender in online security. It ensures that the basic layer of security is in place no matter what and manages its responsibilities efficiently even if other tools fail.

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