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Top Cyber Security Predictions for 2013

As we approach the end of 2012, cyber security firms have gone into retrospective and speculative mode. They are looking back at the threats and challenges that they faced in 2012 and starting to make predictions about what you can expect in 2013. Leading experts are looking into their crystal balls and some of them have predicted that cyber security situation will worsen and more challenges arise due to this. A few other experts are trying to predict the type of threats that we are likely to face in 2013.

While this might seem as a futile exercise to some, for an online security expert, this is a vital exercise. Online security experts brace themselves with these predictions for likely future challenges and in case some of them turn out to be true, they already would have formulated a mental strategy to counter them, which is a distinct advantage in the world of cyber security.

Cyber Conflict to Increase Dramatically

One of the most bandied about prediction is that cyber conflict will rise to uncontrolled proportions. We saw malicious tools like Shamoon, Flame, Mahdi, etc being sanctioned by government agencies in a bid to make a full frontal cyber assault on rival countries. Experts feel that this is how the future of warfare manifests itself into. There will be more malicious software along the same lines but experts were reluctant about commenting on the collateral damage. While the government agencies might have benefited by the actions of these tools, the common might be the unintended victim.

Expect a Flood of Ransomware

You might have read or heard about ransomware, the latest variety of malicious software on the block. This software hacks and steals all your data, and in case you want it back, you just have to pay a ransom to the controller of that tool. This type of malicious software has proved to be more effective than the destructive types. This is not only profitable but also ensures that both parties (the hacker and hacked) are sated. The improvement in online payment methods have also contributed to the increase in the popularity of this ransomware.

Mobile Adware

Smartphones are being extensively used and almost everyone has a smartphone in today’s world. Hackers will definitely try to exploit that and you are likely to witness a dramatic rise in the usage of mobile Adware. Also, Android is being used in 75% of the smartphones in the world and with security being a weak point in android, smartphones become easy pickings for hackers. Also, mobile phones have proved to be a treasure trove of information especially considering people are using them not only for email but also social networking also.

Monetizing of Social Networks to have an Adverse Effect

Social networks are trying to be more aggressive in terms of advertising and generating revenues. To facilitate this, they are trying to integrate even payment options in the ad windows to help them generate more revenue. With the use of anonymous social media accounts, hackers may try to raid the network servers and gain sensitive information like bank account numbers and credit card authorization codes. Experts also believe that social networks are becoming more and more aggressive in gathering personal data and other user sensitive information. This might come back to haunt the social network companies when the security of gathered data is compromised.

Nothing Concrete Can Be Predicted

Online security experts also stressed on the fact that in spite of all the prediction and analyses, all these are just speculations and hackers might surprise you for all you know. But the only thing that they can predict for sure is that the intensity and the number of attacks that is going to occur will definitely be higher.

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