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Top Class Military Style Email Security for Small Organizations

Online security is a very important feature of the organizational structure irrespective of whether the organization is small or large. While large organizations have a sufficient budget to set aside for elaborate online security measures, small organizations struggle a lot mainly due to the budget constraint. However, the smaller organizations cannot afford to ignore online security and privacy protection on the assumption that they will not be targeted owing to their size.

According to a recent report, the competition between small sized organizations is so huge that the companies resort to any and every means to gain access to their competitors’ data and other related information. This is why online security is so important; not to protect your network from the malicious software and miscreants online, but to protect yourself from competitors.

Email Security

You might not realize this but when you send an email through your registered ID, your message passes though the servers of your email service provider. Smaller organizations do not have the resources to hire standalone servers and a team for their website and email needs. So, they choose to outsource this to one of the web hosting service providers. But there is a very good chance that the competitors might also have chosen the same web hosting service provider for their email needs. Effectively, both your networks are on the same server and with the right resources, getting access to the other emails is not a very big thing.

Encryption Suite

The solution for the aforementioned email problem is very simple: an encryption suite. Encryption suite is software that encrypts all the data that is flowing from and to your domain and server. Only the sender and receiver have the decryption key that is required to convert the seemingly random encrypted data into useful information. Others who might gain access to the data stream using resources only end up with data that is seemingly random and makes no sense.

You might argue that encrypted data can be easily decrypted if you have the right resources such as a computer with high computing power. But think from your own perspective. Would you invest so much money to just watch your competition? The encryption suites that are available today employ encryption algorithms of very high standards. Even a brute force computer with reasonably high computing power takes days to decrypt the data. This is financially not a viable option for your competitors.

Pros and Cons Associated With Encryption Suite

About the advantages, the added security is close to foolproof. You can rest assured that with an encryption suite, your data is safe and cannot be taken advantage of even if it falls into the wrong hands. Also, you can use the same encryption suite to secure the data on your storage servers, if any. This allows you to safely link the storage servers to your network without the worry of someone hacking into it and misappropriating the data stored in it.

The implementation of an encryption suite is not very easy. There are different types of tools available. Some are implemented right at the gateway to your network while the others require the usage of plug-ins and add-ons. Also, some tools direct the users to use email clients and browsers that they only provide to ensure maximum security.

Email Security is Vital

In spite of all the cons, email security should be taken very seriously by small organizations. The risks involved are too high to be taken lightly and even a small breach could compromise data that could potentially cause the downfall of the organization. Emails are the only mode of communication within and outside the organization and their security and privacy should never be compromised.

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