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Online Privacy Lessons We Can Learn From the Petraeus Scandal

Online privacy and online security is a form of art that keeps evolving with time. If you ask any online privacy expert, they say that the best way to adjust your perspective and gain insight into what you can expect in the future is to learn from others’ mistakes. The latest scandal involving the director of CIA David Petraeus shows us that even someone who has military grade security is not safe when on the World Wide Web. This article will highlight what we can learn from the Petraeus scandal and how it can help in improving our own online privacy.

Every Detail You Upload on the Internet Is Stored Somewhere or the Other

There are so many servers and storage databases online that you never know on which of them your information is stored. Take the example of uploading a picture into an online album. Once that is done, your friends see it. In case they want to share it to some of their friends, they just email the link. This link has the information attached to it and some advanced email servers store this data (your online album’s photograph) in the email server. This example shows us how interlinked the internet is. Once a piece of data is uploaded, it is present somewhere or the other. So, make sure you are very careful about the data that you upload. Think twice before publishing it on the internet.

Be Wary of Cloud Storage and Sharing

The CIA Director and his mistress used a method of communication that relied on ‘Dropbox’. This involved dropping drafts of composed emails in the ‘Dropbox’. The logic behind this move was that if the email is not sent, there is no way of tracking it. But what they did not realize is that even if the email is not sent, the saved draft is stored on the email company’s cloud storage with the relevant IP address from which it was composed. The mistake  they made was not using a secure cloud storage service, with emphasis on the word secure  here. Some cloud services are more secure than the others. Make sure that you choose a cloud service that is secure even if you are using a paid service.

Use Security Products from Leading Vendors

Online security is a billion dollar industry and players keep coming in by the day. The newbie players offer services for free to promote their products initially. While this is a very good business move, it is not a wise move on your part to use these services. Always use online security solutions from leading players in the industry. The newbie companies use basic settings such as stop cookies/tracking online, use private browsing, scrambling the IP addresses, etc, which are the fairly basic online security settings.

Password Protection

Password protection is one aspect in which even the leading security solutions providers do not measure up to the scratch. Most hackers and malicious software go for the password as that is the key to gaining access to the accounts. When you choose software for your online protection, make sure that you choose the one that has a specific online password protection feature. Almost all the leading players in the online security industry have this feature.

A Final Word

One of the most important rules of ensuring your online security is to stay on your toes and keep your eyes open. Even if you get a small sign of doubt that your computer’s security might be compromised, start taking countermeasures. As the old word goes, prevention is better than cure.

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