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Mobile Device Users Cavalier about Their Online Behavior

Every day, we read about more and more security and privacy breaches occurring on the internet. Even though online security software has evolved so much and the level of security has significantly increased, these instances of breaches still occur. This might make you wonder if there is something wrong with your online behavior. A recent survey indicated that more than 80% of the users of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) reported that they are afraid for their online security and privacy. Yet, most of them admitted to indulging in actions that are not considered safe.Mobile User - Online Privacy

When you say unsafe internet behavior, what exactly comes under this category? As much as it is the responsibility of your online security software to protect you, you have an inherent duty to protect yourself.

Take this example. Just because you are wearing thermals and jackets doesn’t mean you can go cover yourself up in snow and lie there for hours. Similarly, there are a few actions that are considered risky on the internet. Despite the security software, these actions expose you to online security and privacy risks.

Which Actions Come Under the Category of Risky Behavior?

In the same survey mentioned above, the actions of the users were also surveyed upon. Among all the people interviewed, one in ten people admitted to having clicked on a link in an email that they received from an unknown recipient. 16% of the people admitted to having the same passwords on their work, personal and online shopping accounts. This is frankly ridiculous.

20% admitted to having clicked on links on social networking sites even though they thought it might be risky. 8% of the people in the survey said that even after losing their personal mobile device used for both personal and work purposes, they persisted with the same passwords. 23% of the people indicated that they used their professional/work email ID for online shopping. An undisclosed number of people reported that they click on suspicious links while watching adult content in private, even though they were aware of the risks involved.

Risky Behavior While Shopping Online

Another study conducted by a leading security solutions provider highlighted the extent consumers were willing to go for discounts while shopping online. The study showed that a staggering 80% of the people were more than willing to disclose their personal information without any hesitation provided they got a discount of 50%. 20% of the people said that they would be willing to give the name of the street in which they are located and 17% of the surveyed revealed the maiden name of their mother for discounts. Surprisingly, 8% of the people even said that they are not opposed to providing their social media passwords if they got discounts.

Lack of Security Software on Mobile Devices

Not many people seem to be inclined to use security software on their mobile devices even though they use mobile devices more frequently than their laptops or desktops. This is a worrying trend especially since Android is one of the most widely used operating systems. Also, Android is the mobile OS that is fraught with security risks. Users seem to have a false sense of security that only their computers are targeted and not their mobile devices.

Your Security and Privacy Are In Your Own Hands

All these trends point out that in most of the cases where there has been a security or privacy breach, the user is at fault. This trend has to stop and you have to take matters more seriously if you want to stay safe online. You should be careful not to fall to the gimmicks of online miscreants.

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