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Overwhelming Demand for Anti-Censorship Tools

One of the biggest agendas of the Obama government is freedom for all over the internet. Internet freedom has become one of the issues that are being fought over with an intensity that reminds us of the freedom struggles of the past century. However, this particular struggle is being waged in a very different manner. The government is sponsoring a few efforts that are being directed to develop tools that help the common man fight against online censorship. These tools are aimed at circumnavigating the barriers that online censorship creates. You can watch unrestricted TV, view sites that are barred by censorship barriers like firewalls, or even gain access to sites that don’t turn up in search engine results.Online Censorship

However, a problem has arisen with the usage of these anti online censorship tools. All the people who want access to uncensored content want to use this tool. The demand for them is so high that the makers of these tools are unable to cope with it. So much so that online bottlenecks are being created.

The Solution for This Problem

Since these tools are being manufactured by agencies which are funded by the United States government, the only solution is to provide additional funding. Additional funding allows these organizations to expand their capacity in terms of production, management and also resources. This increases the efficiency and productivity of the organization as a whole and they can hope to meet the demand for these online censorship tools. This solution is not just a speculation and the representatives of the companies that are responsible for creating these tools have claimed that after every round of funding, there was a brief respite, both for the users and the companies.

The Problem is Recurrent

However, a single or a few rounds of funding seem to have no permanent effect on the bottlenecks that we witness with respect to the demand of online anti-censorship tools. Andre Mendes is the director of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, or BBG as the group is more popularly known as. This group is responsible for funding some of the anti-online censorship tools initiatives and he said that every round of funding provides only a brief respite. He pointed out that the demand for these tools is not constant, but is increasing by the day. So, the findings only temporarily ease the pressure and it will resurface again after a period of time.

Millions against Billions

One of the reasons why the Obama government is unable to provide a feasible solution to this problem is because of the funding. Governments like China spend billions of dollars on ensuring that some of the online content never reaches the common man. You will be well aware of the ‘Great Firewall’ of China, a firewall so powerful that it can block content from not only Chinese citizens but the entire world. These kinds of firewalls are also becoming increasingly sophisticated by the day, thanks of the billions of dollars being poured in by those governments.

Conversely, the United States government proudly proclaims that it has set aside $30 million as funding for anti-censorship tools. Even a layman can tell that millions can never compete against billions. At the same time, it is not fair for us to expect the US government to pour billions into this particular venture.

A Worldwide Effort Needed to Counter Online Censorship

The only way we can generate adequate funding for fighting against online censorship is by making a worldwide concerted effort. All the countries that uphold the right to internet freedom should come together on a global platform and create a system where the funds are collected and directed at developing anti online censorship tools.

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