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Use Google Alerts to Keep Track Of Your Competitors Online

It is not a secret that businesses try to keep track of their competitors extensively. It is one of the best ways of ensuring that you are successful in your chosen domain of business. In today’s world where the internet is as much a part of our lives as food is, you will definitely be using the internet to watch your competition. While there are a number of tools, both free and paid, to assist you in keeping track of your competitors over the internet, Google Alerts is one of the best.Google SMS Channels

What is Google Alerts?

Google Alerts is a service that search engine pioneer Google has come up with. As the name suggests, you can configure alerts with this service when a particular set of parameters or conditions are satisfied. These might be anything from the usage of certain terms or keywords related to your site or accessing a particular sub page of your site. There are a number of conditions for which you can set alerts. The alert can also be of many types that include email, SMS or even an instant message.

One of the problems with Google Alerts is that people do not realize how they can use this unique service to their advantage. Although Google offers a few tips, you need to understand the services to realize how a particular feature can be used to your advantage. This article will point out a few of those.

Content That Is Newly Indexed

Inbound marketing that uses methods like online content creation is one of the top ways of ensuring your visibility in search engine results, especially in today’s world where organic search is used. You can use Google Alerts to configure an alert when the search bots of Google index your content, site’s page or blog. Use the name of your company or the title of your blog to keep track of the sites on which your content is published. While providing more links to your own page, this technique also ensures that you receive the credit when your content is republished. Also, you can check if the people who indexed your content are providing the relevant follow link, which offers a high value in SEO.

Mention of Your Company’s Name

Google Alerts are one of the best ways of keeping track of your company’s name on the internet. You can configure alerts in such a way that if your company’s name is mentioned on the internet in blogs, other sites, articles, or even in social media conversations, you will be notified. It is our opinion that you should still have a dedicated platform for monitoring your social media presence, but till you get one, Google Alerts serves you well. You can index your Twitter handle (@<your company name>) on Google and every time it is used, you are notified.

Mention of Your Competitor Names

As important as it is to track the mention of your company, the mention of one or a few of your competitors also is important information for you. You can use Google Alerts to configure alerts for the mention of your competitors. For example, if you find that your competitor/s’ name or twitter handle are being mentioned more often than yours, it is about time you started doing something about it. Rather than waiting for something to happen on its own, you can proactively take measures to improve your online presence.

Top Topics in the Industry

It is always a good idea to keep an eye out for what your competitors are publishing. It is important that you should keep your content in relation to the latest topics that are floating around and if you have missed some, your competitors can remind you of that. It doesn’t take a lot of time to publish some content related to that on your own.

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