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Online Shopping Scams That You Need to Watch Out For

It is past Thanksgiving and December is almost upon us. The Christmas season has all but started and you might be gearing up for the holiday season with big plans already. Shopping, of course, will be one of the main things on your agenda and without saying, we can safely assume that online shopping will be a big part of your shopping ritual. While this is all fine, you might just be forgetting, or rather ignoring the risks fraught with online shopping. There is a good chance that you have to spend your holiday in damage control mode if something goes wrong while shopping online.Online Shopping Security

The most important thing while shopping online is to shop without being tracked, but it does not stop at that. There are a number of other risks that you have to be careful about while shopping online. This article will highlight some of the most potent pitfalls while shopping online.

Malware Threats and Mobile Scams

Malware is an incredibly potential concept and you might just see the potential in full force during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Although the days are past, you might not notice the effect of malware that has been implanted on your computer. Only after it has been detected and a counter has been released by your online security service provider will you know that the software was present on your computer all along. Malware can be so dangerous that it can completely exploit your online privacy even before you realize it. Worse, it can damage your reputation. The possibilities are endless and you are at the discretion of the hacker who planted the malicious tool.

Another worrying trend is the usage of mobile devices for online shopping. A recent survey indicated that a staggering 91% of mobile device owners (smartphones and tablets) used their mobile devices instead of their laptops or desktop computers for shopping online. By now, it is a well-established fact that mobile devices are more vulnerable to security threats than your normal laptops and desktops. Hackers are taking advantage of this and designing scams that particularly target mobile device users. If you notice anything suspicious while shopping with your mobile devices, log off immediately. Even a state of paranoia about online security threats would do a world of good while shopping online.

Beware of Holiday Shopping Apps

If you perform an internet search for apps that help you with your holiday shopping, you will find thousands of them. Not surprisingly, a majority of them are not available on the Google Android Store. This is because most of them have potentially dangerous software or bring security risks with them. If you think that these apps help you with online shopping, think again. That’s because most of them are designed to steal sensitive information like your credit card details or online bank authorization details. Obviously, you will enter one of the above for making the payment through the app and that is exactly what the hackers who designed the app are looking for.

Extra Caution While Shopping On the Web Pays

Make sure that you keep your eyes wide open while shopping online. You might stumble across a deal that is too good to be true. For all you know, it could be a fake deal with the person behind this ad being a hacker, and wanting you to click on the link desperately. The level of danger might be anything from low to severe and you can never know unless you click on the link. Don’t even assume that your security software might be good enough to protect you from the threats because, when you click on the link, your security software is as good as useless. You have granted explicit permission for whatever is behind that link to access your information and that is just the beginning. So, exercise extreme caution.

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