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The Quest for Using Other Application to Complete Half-Done uTorrent Downloads

It has happened. The worst fears of the torrent downloader have come true. uTorrent is going commercial and the newest version of the uTorrent client has advertisements and other commercial elements in it. What more, you also have a toolbar that the uTorrent client promotes and you have the option of adding it to your browser while installing uTorrent. uTorrent is without doubt the best BitTorrent download client and its commercialization was expected if not anticipated.Downloader

Also, there have been some concerns recently about BitTorrent being less secure and the users data is not as secure as we hoped it would be. The database security has been questioned both by online security experts and also the users. Now that it is established that uTorrent and any other BitTorrent client is not a portal for worry free torrents, what is the next option? Using alternate software for downloading torrent files is a good option to consider. But is it technically viable? Let us find out.

Challenges That Accompany the Switch from uTorrent

Some people are of the opinion that people use uTorrent as a trend rather than for the application that it is. This is definitely a wrong notion. uTorrent is the best torrent download client for a number of reasons. One, it is very user friendly with all the features being fairly self-explanatory. If you still have problems, you have the help file. It does help that uTorrent is one of the most widely used torrent download clients and you can look for a forum or a discussion board where you can get help.

Secondly, uTorrent offers you a number of preferences in terms of setting the download bandwidth, the start and stop time of a download via a scheduler, the option to forward ports, tunneling and use of VPNs for downloads. All these cannot be matched but still, you are faced with the proposition of finding a viable alternate for uTorrent.

Technical Difficulties Involved in Importing Partial Downloads

If you are starting a new download, you can use the new tool. But for existing downloads, the import option seems viable. While the solution of importing downloads to other tool seems viable enough, there are a few challenges in the technical aspect of this move. For instance, no two software function alike and you may find that the files supported by uTorrent are not supported in another client that you choose. But fortunately, most torrent clients make use of similar data and similar file types for downloads.

You must be aware of the fact that torrent files are downloaded in parts and put together, like a puzzle of some sort. Some of the torrent clients have a way of adding their own file extensions to the downloaded files till the download is complete. If this is the case, you have to change the file extensions to match the different clients so that the half done downloads are completed in the other torrent download client that you choose.

A Few General Tips for Making the Switch

  • Ensure that all the torrent files and the data that you downloaded using uTorrent in the same folder that is specific to the new client that you choose
  • If there are any changes to the file extension made by your previous torrent client, change it or remove it. The new client will add its own extension
  • After you initiate the download by loading the torrent file in the new torrent client, make sure that the half done download from uTorrent is in the same download folder that the new client downloads into
  • The program might take a while to change the extensions, check the download status and resume download. So, be patient.

All the aforementioned tips will ensure that you have the same level of convenience and usability with the new torrent client like you had with uTorrent. Your torrent downloads will also be free of any issues.

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