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Holiday Security Tips for Businesses

The holiday season is a joyous period for most of the netizens, but for businesses it is the time of “busy-ness”. One of the tasks that companies have is ensuring the online security of their networks. Holiday season is when the probability of an attack or a breach is at the highest. While this statement seems to border on the paranoid, there is a strong line of reasoning behind this.

Holiday season is the time for online shopping and an unsuspecting employee might click on a potentially dangerous link with a workstation linked to the network of the organization, while he/she is under the assumption that you can shop without being tracked. This small move might potentially cost your business thousands of dollars if something goes wrong. Here are a few tips to avoid situations like the one mentioned above.Security Tips

Send Out a Call to Refrain From Online Shopping On Work Computers

A simple email or a ping to your employees stating that online shopping is not allowed on the work network would go a long way in ensuring your network’s security. While there might be some employees who might ignore the message, most employees generally tend to respect the organizational structure and refrain from shopping online using work computers. You can also add a brief explanation about the risks involved and that this is a serious guideline that should be followed without fail.

Invest in Cloud and Reliable Security Solutions

Cloud seems to be the future of technology and a lot of businesses are moving their operations to it. What better time to consider this shift than the holiday season. You can do an online research on the different type of services available and choose the one that you find the most appropriate. Make sure that you choose a service that is open about where your data is stored and notifies you whenever it is moved. If you find it difficult, ask around. Your contemporaries might have some valuable feedback and suggestions that might help you in making a decision.

Security solutions are also very important and their significance is highlighted during times like these. If you are using mediocre security software, this is the time to move to a good or an excellent one. There are a number of security solutions providers and you can choose the one that seems the ideal match for the type of network that you have and the business you run. Budget might also be a big constraint in this decision.

Discourage BYOD during the Holiday Season

Since the holiday season is fraught with leaves and off-time working shifts, employees tend to use their own devices to get the work done. If the device that the employee owns doesn’t have the required security software, it might be a risky proposition to use it for connecting to the organization’s network. Also, employees tend to be a little free handed while using their own devices and take more freedom in shopping online or making holiday plans while at work. These are the actions that compromise your online security.

Remote Workers’ Security

Employees might want to work from home during the holiday season. The workstations located in their homes might not be as secure as the workstations that you provide at the office. If you offer portable devices like laptops and tablets, encourage the employees to take them home and work with them while working from home. Also, ensure that they work from home only if it is absolutely necessary. Allow it only if that is the only viable solution.

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