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Civil Litigations Can Enforce High Cyber Security Standards

Online security is a vital part of an online network, be it a kids’ games site or a financial site that carries out transactions worth millions of dollars. While everyone is aware of this fact, they also know that online security enforcement is easier said than done. It takes a lot of time, resources (especially financial) and campaigning to ensure that online security is taken seriously by the users. While most organizations are committed to this by laws and public pressure, they might slack off a bit after a period of time. And this is the entry point that hackers are looking for. One small misstep and they gain access to confidential information.Cyber Security

A Case of Taking Things Easy More than Anything Else

It is true that organizations do invest a lot of money and resources into online security. But while doing so, they forget one of the primary rules of online security: watchfulness. You need to be constantly on the lookout for behavior that looks suspicious. Even if it is a false alarm, you need to be prepared to look into that warning bell, just to be on the safer side of things.

Take the example of the Patco case where People’s United, a financial organization, was sued by one of its customers. According to the case file, the organization provided authorization to 6 withdrawals from an account even when the withdrawals had all the signs of being fraudulent. In fact, the security system of the bank flagged all the six transactions as being high risk and highly suspicious. But the officials did not monitor the system on a regular basis. Only when the litigation was filed did the bank officials notice.

Litigations will Keep Organizations on Their Toes

When litigation is filed against an organization, it will ensure that it stays alert at all times. In the event of a case being filed, the organization’s system comes into sharp focus. Everyone including the law enforcement authorities will have their eye on the system. When so much scrutiny is going on, you are bound to find a few flaws with the system. To minimize this, the bank authorities force the security team to work more efficiently and impose measures that beef up the level of security. Even new security protocols might be put in place, just to project an image that the organization has the best security measures in place.

You get to be in the Driver’s Seat with Litigation

When there is a litigation filed against an organization, they pay more attention to user feedback. For example, if you want the security to be beefed up or new security measures to be put in place, you can request for those protocols to be enforced. The customers’ feedback become invaluable when the case in filed in a court and if many customers testify that they are more than satisfied by the security measures in place, it will strengthen the case in favor of the organization.

You should be Careful while using Online Bank Accounts

If you are to be eligible for suing the court for lack of security, you should make sure that you follow all the safety instructions that the court specifies. For example, if you click on a shopping link from an anonymous social media account and use net-banking to make the payment, there is a good chance that your login credentials might be stolen by the fake shopping page. In cases like this, the court will rule that negligence on the part of the user caused the security breach. So, make sure that you follow all the security rules the organization’s website specifies to ensure that you can sue them if they are genuinely at fault.

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