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Free Proxy Launched By TorrentReactor to Overcome Torrents Page Censorship

Online censorship is becoming a very big problem and it is curtailing your right to freedom. Countries like China, and most recently Russia, have set up exclusive bodies that regulate the online content delivered to the citizens. Torrent sites are one of the hot targets as the common perception is that torrent sites deliver copyrighted content for free, violating copyright laws. This is the reason why governments do not even think twice before banning torrent sites. While this is bad news for torrent companies, leading torrent company TorrentReactor seems to have decided to take a stand. The company has launched a free proxy that will help the users to overcome the online censorship barriers.


Torrent Page Censorship

Internet Censorship

Announcement Comes AfterItalian Court Orders to Censor TorrentReactor Site

Recently, TorrentReactor ran into a bit of a roadblock with the Italian authorities. Some of the music companies based in Italy filed a complaint against TorrentReactor stating that the site is distributing copyrighted material to its users in the form of torrent files. After a police investigation and an inquiry, the Italian court deemed that TorrentReactor was indeed at fault. The court further ordered the ISPs to censor this site so as to prevent the misappropriation of copyrighted material.

Italian Users Can Access TorrentReactor through Come.in

Come.in is the proxy launched by torrent site TorrentReactor for the Italian users to access worry free torrents. This site is just like any other free proxy site. You have to visit Come.in and type in the URL for the TorrentReactor site in the address bar provided in the proxy page. Even if you are located in Italy, you will be redirected to the TorrentReactor site and you can even download files from the site. This is the first time a torrent company is being proactive and vocal against online censorship.

While Come.in was primarily launched to enable access to TorrentReactor, innovative users are making further use of this free proxy. Previously, Italian court had ordered the shutdown of sites like PirateBay and Kickass Torrents. These sites are also now accessible, thanks to Come.in.

TorrentReactor One of the Most Popular Sites in Italy

According to the report filed by the prosecution, TorrentReactor is a very popular site in Italy. Reportedly, more than 60,000 locals from Italy access TorrentReactor site every month and a total of 4 million page views are generated as well. These are astounding numbers and a testament to the services that TorrentReactor offers to Italian users. This might have been one of the reasons that worked against this torrent company. The court might have felt that with this amount of popularity, the site can be very effective in distributing copyrighted content, if that is proved.

Denying the Right to Internet Freedom

According to a representative from the TorrentReactor team, this move is really disappointing on the part of Italian authorities. They said that the internet should be a place where everyone should have a right to post content and files that they like. They added that this might be the sign of things to come for the future, where more and more content might come under government censorship. Although the representatives were quite vocal against the ban, they declined to comment on the free proxy that TorrentReactor has launched.

Come.in Might Also Be Shut Down

While Come.in might be operational at the moment, don’t expect it to be a permanent feature. The prosecution has all the right and is within legal realms to oppose this proxy and call for an injunction that will shut down Come.in also in the near future. But till date, no developments about this particular move have been announced or noticed.

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