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Mobile Malware Situation Set To Go Downhill in 2013

Of late, especially in the year 2012, hackers and other cybercriminals have been targeting mobile devices more than your regular computers and servers. This move is understandable considering the rise of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and other handheld gadgets. People also use these devices more often than they use their computers. So, hackers and cybercriminals obviously have a better hit rate while targeting mobile devices. Just at a time when you thought that this situation could not get worse, online security services vendor Eset has claimed that the mobile malware situation will get worse in 2013.

Mobile Security

Mobile Malware


What to Expect in 2013

The online security solutions company said that in the year 2013, the frequency of malware attacks will increase exponentially. A representative from the company also added that people might expect to see unique types of malware, including ransomware, making frequent appearances. He also added that online security software providers will definitely have their hands full with so many different types of malware coming to the fore.

To make sure that you are safe, he suggested that you use security software only from reputed online security solutions companies. He also added that you should keep your software updated and perform regular maintenance checks on your mobile devices to ensure that your device is not infected with malware.

Why is Mobile Malware on the Rise?

Some people might feel that this question is rhetorical. Look at it this way. Why do cybercriminals design such malicious software? They do it for infecting devices, gathering data that they are not supposed to have and make a profit out of it. A couple of years ago, computers and laptops were used for all types on online transactions and computer malware would do the job for them.

When you look at today’s situation, it is completely different. Although you cannot go as far as to say that computers are totally outdated and shelved, their usage for certain activities has certainly come down. Especially, the activities that the cybercriminals are interested in, like online banking, online shopping, checking your mail and social media accounts; these activities are done using either your smartphone or tablet devices. You would know this if you own either of the aforementioned devices.

So naturally, the cybercriminals are focusing on developing malicious software that is specifically targeted at mobile devices. However, this is only part of the reason. There are a number of other reasons why mobile malware has been and will be the focus of cybercriminals in the coming months.

Users Show a Marked Laxity towards Mobile Security

How many of you have security software installed on your mobile devices? How many of you perform regular maintenance scans using security software? This number is very less. Although everyone is aware that mobile devices are the hot targets in today’s world, there is a marked apathy towards mobile security software. This sentiment is reflected by the statements of security services vendors who openly claim that not even 10% of the mobile users use security software. Hackers can use something as simple as an anonymous social media account to hack into your devices and you will never realize it without proper security software.

Uptrend In Mobile Banking

Recent reports also suggest that mobile banking has gained a lot of popularity in 2012 and the trend will continue in the year 2013 also. According to a prediction, there will be 530 million new mobile banking customers in 2013. This number is sufficient for the hackers to focus only on mobile malware to make some quick bucks. If you are one of the users, we suggest that you keep your eyes open for anything abnormal or fishy.

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