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Online Security for Small Businesses Need Not be Expensive

Small businesses are one of the more preferred targets for hackers for many reasons. But let us focus here on the online security issues. Small business enterprises, or SMBs as they are popularly known as, are targeted by hackers as they feel that these organizations do not have the state-of-the-art security measures in place. This will make the hackers’ job easier and they can also make away with extremely valuable data.

As we have seen in recent times, a small company can grow into one of the global leaders in the span of a few years. One of the biggest examples of such a company is Facebook, which was started in a home in Paolo Alto. So, hackers are on the prowl for these kinds of companies and they not only steal intellectual property but also have online scams that lead to downfall of such small companies.

One of the reasons that these kinds of companies do not have the latest security measures in place is lack of funds. However, it is now a well established fact that you don’t need a big budget to ensure that your online protection is comprehensive. Here are some tips to help you in setting up a good online security system without having to invest too much money into it.

The First and the Most Essential Line of Defense

A recent study was conducted by a leading online security service provider and the survey revealed that more than 97% of spam email that is received will have some sort of potentially dangerous software associated with it. One of the advantages of using spam is that it is simple, straightforward and its effectiveness is directly proportional to the volume of spam email sent out. Even if one in 1000 people click on a link and get infected, imagine the havoc hackers can wreck with it, especially in a company where most computers will be interlinked through a local or an external network.

Basic Anti-Virus and Internet Protection Program

The next line of defense that all devices belonging to the company must have is an anti-virus and internet protection software. The internet is a very dangerous place and hackers are coming up with ways to infect you even through the safest of websites. Try to enlist the services of one of the leading security solutions provider. It will not be too costly and even the investment you make will be worth it.

Mobile Devices Security

In today’s world, it is  not just the security of the computers you have to worry about. There are tablets, laptops and smartphones also, which are necessary components to an organization. These devices are not the targets of hackers alone. Just as you watch your competition, your competitors will also be spying on you and you cannot take it for granted that they will adhere only to the legal channels for their information. Mobile security is also a part of enterprise security these days and you can get it as a complete package from your security solutions provider.

Healthy Employee Work Practices

Many employees are not too careful with office devices than they are with their personal ones.  Whenever employees join, include healthy internet practices as a part of the orientation and make sure that everyone follows it. Take some strong steps if necessary, but do not ignore this aspect of your enterprise security because even if you have the best security tool in the market, it cannot protect your company’s network if your employees are careless.

All the aforementioned aspects of enterprise security are relatively cheap and easy to implement. If they are followed to the T, then you will have reduced the chances of your company’s network affected by an online threat greatly.

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